the sound of ultra

This bun in my oven is ready 15/5 2012


sleepy duo

I have noticed that it's very popular to sleep with your arms crossed on the subway in Stockholm.

The apple day.

A couple of days ago, my colleague felt sorry for me when I'd forgotten my lunch at home. She gave me this old and creased apple to appease my hunger, which was very nice of her.
I accepted the ugly fruit though I planned to throw it away when she wasn't looking. I've felt bad about it ever since, so I've decided that next time I will take a big bite and say- MMM!!!! straight away. That will sure make her very happy. Especially if some juice hits her face as I am taking the bite. And then we'll both laugh about it a little and the ice between us will finally be broken.

The apple was of a sort called golden delicious.


Cute overload

The job I have at the moment requires me to go up really early.
I hate it. but it sure has it's benefits, such as seeing roe deers up close and being able to take up my hobby: taking pictures of sleeping people at the public transport.
i get overloaded with cuteness.

20 minutes later I saw this on the sidewalk. Not so cute.
Or it is quite cute actually.


fashion troll

Colours is the name of a shop in Berlin where you can buy clothes that other people don't want anymore.
That's where I and Jeremy bumped into Elin and Jossan yesterday and where we came to the conclusion what the glittery style is called.
It's called troll fashion, and the people that are wearing this type of clothing are the fashion trolls.
You know you are one of them if you find your hands almost exclusively pulling the glittery fabrics going through the garments in a second hand shop.
Just like a troll.
I think I might be a fashion troll, I definetly show signs of it anyway.
But that wouldn't bother me to much, because bling is beautiful and fine.