fashion troll

Colours is the name of a shop in Berlin where you can buy clothes that other people don't want anymore.
That's where I and Jeremy bumped into Elin and Jossan yesterday and where we came to the conclusion what the glittery style is called.
It's called troll fashion, and the people that are wearing this type of clothing are the fashion trolls.
You know you are one of them if you find your hands almost exclusively pulling the glittery fabrics going through the garments in a second hand shop.
Just like a troll.
I think I might be a fashion troll, I definetly show signs of it anyway.
But that wouldn't bother me to much, because bling is beautiful and fine.

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  1. You could call me an african glitter troll. Going straight to the zebra and other animal fabrics you can find on the african savanns. A bonus if it glitters!